Michelle Bicknell, Mason, OH

Michelle Bicknell, Mason, OH

I was diagnosed with Brachial Radical Pruritus in March. This condition was as result of some nerve root damage to my cervical spine. My right forearm felt like a thousand bees stinging me at one time.

The dermatologist told me the only thing I could do was to apply ice to my forearm to numb the nerves or try some really strong steroid cream. Neither one really helped. My arm was red and irritated from all the scratching, almost to the point of being raw. I resorted to basically wearing an ice bag for hours a day!! I was miserable!

I called Renee to ask if she had heard about this condition. She hadn’t, but said she would do some research to see if she could help. When I went to see her she stated that she believed she could help me with neuromuscular therapy. This meant working very specifically with muscle and fascia to loosen and relax the tissue and release compression of nerves.

After several sessions with Renee and Kim my tingling and pain stopped and the skin on my arm start to heal and return to normal. Renee then put me on a maintenance program to keep me from tightening up again. She also taught me some self-care that really helped. Renee took the extra step to research HOW and WHERE to massage me to help my condition.

I can’t believe I am pain free and itch free! The skin on my arm is back to normal. No more wearing a bag of ice everywhere I go! Thank you Renee!!!