Alan Coleman, Western Hill, OH

Prior to visiting my massage therapist Renee Anderson, I had been involved in a rear-end collision. My neck muscles and lower back were in a mess and I could only walk a few feet without experiencing pain. After my massage session, I tested out my lower back during a shopping trip to Kroger’s. I was able to maneuver through the store with relative ease. Thank God for Renee and her “magic hands”. I … [Read more...]

Michelle Bicknell, Mason, OH

I was diagnosed with Brachial Radical Pruritus in March. This condition was as result of some nerve root damage to my cervical spine. My right forearm felt like a thousand bees stinging me at one time. The dermatologist told me the only thing I could do was to apply ice to my forearm to numb the nerves or try some really strong steroid cream. Neither one really helped. My arm was red and … [Read more...]

Debbie Magers, West Chester, OH

Renee Anderson has been my therapist for over five years. During my first session she asked if I had any ailments. I explained to her that over many years I had experiences severe shin splints while walking. I actually went to a foot specialist when my legs burned so badly that my feet would flap the ground as I walked. The specialist said it was due to the lining over the muscle in my legs- it … [Read more...]

Madonna-Renee Dubin, West Chester, OH

“Though intense, I’ve not found any modality more effective for chronic pain and/or holding patterns than Rossiter. After one session, I had to adjust my car mirrors as my posture was much improved. Having been a Massage Therapist myself for 12 years, I appreciate Renee’s overall knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend her work.” … [Read more...]

Gini Tarr, Liberty Township, OH

Following a car accident I was constantly nagged by pain. I tried physical therapy and pain pills that brought only minimal relief. However, working with Renee has been the answer I was seeking. A regiment of Rossiter and neuromuscular therapy keeps me out of pain and returns flexibility to my neck, shoulders and hip. It’s been a blessing for me to finally have peace and comfort. … [Read more...]

Cathy Richards, Blue Ash, OH

“I was diagnosed and treated for melanoma in 2002. My treatment included having 28 lymph nodes removed in my left leg. Everything went very well and my life is pretty much back to normal. However, I do suffer from chronic lymphedema (a type of fluid retention). My Lymphatic Drainage sessions with Renee have greatly reduced the swelling and discomfort in my leg.” … [Read more...]

Lisa Diekers, Cincinnati, OH

The Rossiter system of pain relief has changed my life. A few months ago I started Rossiter sessions with Renee for a shoulder injury sustained about 5 years ago. I had tried several other modalities with no improvement. With the Rossiter sessions, as well as stretches Renee taught me to do at home, I am almost pain free and I enjoy greater flexibility. I am very pleased with my results and … [Read more...]

Amy Bollinger, West Chester, OH

“I am a dental hygienist and work long days leaning over patients, which leaves me in pain. My neck, shoulders, arms and hands hurt to the point that my work was in jeopardy. My regimen of Neuromuscular Therapy with Renee has relieved the chronic pain. I can work knowing that relief is on the way.” … [Read more...]

Jessica O’Hare, West Chester, OH

“Renee has a passion for her work and she clearly possesses a gift in that capacity. One can actually FEEL the energy coming from her hands as she works. I’m not kidding. You can FEEL the healing.” … [Read more...]