Debbie Mager, West Chester, OH

Renee Anderson has been my therapist for over five years. During my first session she asked if I had any ailments. I explained to her that over many years I had experiences severe shin splints while walking. I actually went to a foot specialist when my legs burned so badly that my feet would flap the ground as I walked. The specialist said it was due to the lining over the muscle in my legs- it was too tight and would not let the blood flow, reach my feet. This is a condition know as Chronic Exertion Compartmental Syndrome.

His solutions were to stop walking for exercise or have surgery to cut the lining. Thank goodness Renee started researching for an alternate solution. She suggested massages with hot/cold therapy ( contrast therapy). This was followed by castor oil packs.

I saw her several times a week, along with doing the contrast therapy at home. I am thrilled to say it worked! No surgery and I am able to walk three miles or more a day without pain. Renee is my source of wellness for many (questions) ailments that pop up. Her knowledge has been valuable. I have recommended her to all my family and friends who have been equally as pleased.